Does catfish season start at different times in different parts of the country?

Does catfish season start at different times in different parts of the county?

Actually, catfish fishing starts at different times in different waters. It is not so much the part of the country as it is the water you want to fish. The best way to find out what time of the year catfish season begins and ends is to check the particular state and then the particular water you want to fish. You will find that many states and waters will have catfish fishing year round, but some do have limitations for fishing on certain waters. Some areas may have open season all year, but prohibit fishing during the spawn. Some areas also have limitations on catch limits that differ from month to month at certain times of the season. It is really hard to pin point one specific area because they are all different. One lake could have fishing restrictions, where a lake down the road has none. You have to check out the restrictions for each individual lake or river that you plan to fish. Private waters however are not regulated. However, it is hard to find private pond owners that will let you fish. The best thing to do is select a place you want to fish and the time of year and check that particular place through the DNR site of that state. You will have better luck this way then trying to pin down one specific time for the entire country. Every place is different and each water has a different season time limit. You just have to check.

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