Fishing Techniques of Channel, Flathead and Blue

Flathead catfish are usually more solitary and found in darker, deeper waters so your best bet for fishing them is in deeper water, later in the evening and beneath cover during the daytime hours or on bright, sunny days. At night, they come out to more shallow waters to hunt for live fish and you can catch them more easily in shallower locations of rivers or streams.

Catching flathead catfish does not have to take a lot of expensive equipment. As stated above, some fishermen have luck with noodling or wading with very little equipment at all. You can also make a throwline with about 40 feet of 360-pound braided twine.

Blue Catfish

The Blue Catfish is well known for being the largest freshwater catfish found in the entire United States. In some areas, they are known to get from 30-40 pounds and this is not at all unusual. The blue catfish has a forked tail fin and sometimes look similar to channel catfish depending on where in the country you are fishing for them. Most people find it’s easiest to catch the largest blue catfish by using trotlines. Some people have even reported catfish of 100 pounds or more using trotlines.

Since blue catfish are typically big river catfish, the best place to find them feeding is in main channels and the impoundments of main river systems. They like a diverse diet but live bait and smaller fish is a common favorite. When fishing for blue, you want to have fresh live bait and be sure your tackle is large enough and strong enough to accommodate the size fish you plan on catching.

When you learn to adapt your bait, tackle and fishing techniques according to the type of catfish you are fishing for, you will see more success and bigger catches. Enjoy your catfishing experience like never before.

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