Five Catfish Baits

Keep in mind that the larger the bait, the larger cats you are going to entice.  Many of the large cats are going to pass up the small meals when they can wait for one large one.  So use bait that is large enough to get the larger catfish enticed into eating it.

Crawdads – Crawdads are a very popular type of live bait for small to medium sized catfish.  They are a favorite for many of the species of catfish as well.  Even lures that are made to look like a crawdad can be just as effective as the real thing.  They are going to be more effective in ponds or lakes that are commonly know for having families of these tasty little critters.  If this is naturally prey, the catfish are going to be more inclined to strike on it than if it is a foreign type of prey.

Worms – Most fish are going to be attracted to worms and the catfish are no different.  This is bait that is good for smaller to medium sized cats as well.  Using worms is a good idea because they leave a very strong scent trail for the catfish to follow.  This scent trail as previously mentioned is very important when trying to lure the catfish onto your hook.

Once they are attracted, it is up to you to land them.  The larger species are not going to be as enticed to strike on a worm unless another larger lure is used along with the worm.  The worm can create the scent trail and the larger lure is going to get the cats to bit.

The most important thing when choosing catfish baits is that the bait or lure that you use is going to determine the size of the catfish that is caught.  The smaller the bait the smaller the cat is a good rule of thumb.  When you really want to fish for trophy catfish only, you are going to need more patience than when you are fishing for the smaller ones.  It is much easier to catch a lot of little cats than it is to catch one big one.

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