Flathead Catfish Fishing

The best places for flathead catfish fishing are deep pools located in moving waters (lakes, rivers, streams, canals, etc), where the water is cloudy. However, they do not enjoy fast currents. These fish do not school and will usually be found as loners, though they can pile up in dammed areas on some occasions. The most common areas of the country to find flathead catfish fishing with good results are the Great Lakes (mostly the lower areas), the Mississippi River (especially any pools or slow-moving areas off the main river), and in the Gulf Coast states. In Texas, it’s not unusually to catch a 50-pounder in a day’s work. In Florida, the flathead is not a native catfish species and has mostly been illegally introduced into area waters. The concentration of these is in the panhandle, and they have not migrated further into the state in any mentionable quantities.

For the best chance at flathead catfish fishing, you should use trotlines and look to make your catch at night. During these hours, flatheads will come to shallow waters, looking for food, and having a trotline with several hooks resting here can almost guarantee good results. Check the trotline early in the morning; you can probably expect to find at least three or four sizeable specimens. Also, keep in mind that landing your trophy flathead is going to be much more difficult than finding a channel or blue cat of interest, simply because of their lifestyle.

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