Practical Flathead Catfishing Tips

Basic Information about Flathead Catfish

The best places to find flathead catfish are rivers and lakes near natural or man-made covers. You can almost bet any area that has rocks, brush, trees, branches or ledges will also have an abundance of flathead catfish as well. You will need to have a good bait that attracts the attention of the flathead catfish if you are serious about reeling a few in. By far the best bait to use is live bait so you will need a way to keep it cool.

Keep in mind that the larger the bait, the bigger fish you can catch. As a result, if you are after the biggest flathead in the water you need to use large bait. This will also discourage the smaller size fish and prevent you from wasting your bait on ones that you will just end up throwing back in. The spawning season for the flathead catfish begins at the end of June and runs through the first part of July. They are actually less active during these few weeks than at any other time. However, they do feed the most right before spawning season.

As with most fish species you will find that the flathead catfish is the most active during the nighttime. When night fishing, you will probably not catch as many flatheads during a full moon as you would when it is a new moon. If you are new to fishing for flathead catfish, then keep in mind that the more practice you have the better angler you will become so just hang in there and keep on practicing.

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3 Responses to “Practical Flathead Catfishing Tips”


    I HAVE LOVE TO CATFISH MAINLY FOR FLATS,but i dont mind catch others i spend my winter gettin geared up and waiting i fish blue stone dam and already recive ur tips and i thank you very much and i will post pics,on my site when i go if you want to see where i fish you can goto [email protected] ive put a vidio on there so people can see where ifish thanks again YOURE FRIEND D.sawyers !!


    im sorry my mrcatfishman2 @you tube.comthanks again D.sawyers!!!

  3. Joseph Cole says:

    I haven’t really gotten to ever go night fishing, and the largest flathead that anybody in my family has caught was 28 1/2″ long.

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