Florida Catfish Fishing

For impressive Florida catfish fishing results, make a trip to Rodman Reservoir and fish the Oklawaha River upstream from it. You’ll find monstrous channel cats in this area in Gainesville and Big Bend. In the Panhandle region of Florida, catfish fishing is productive from the Ochlocknee River, which flows out of Lake Talquin. As previously mentioned, the panhandle is the only area where you can actually find blues and flatheads, since they aren’t native to the state. Apalachicola River is full of bullheads and channel cats, with several flatheads and a few blues rearing their heads. Target the Jim Woodruff Dam or the lower part of the river, where there are numerous deep holes. You can also find success at the Chcoctawahatchee River, especially when seeking channels and bullheads. Target areas close to the Alabama state line and south toward West Bay.

For the really sizeable fish in Florida, catfish fishing is best in he Escambia River, where blues and flatheads have been well established. The top section of this river for results is between the Alabama state line and the I-10 bridge, where you have an excellent chance of catching your fill of channels, as well as reeling in a 50-pounder.

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