Four Catfish Jugging Tips

Catfish jugging can be quite beneficial but some people are puzzled or even frustrated by it. Hopefully these 4 tips though will help you to be able to do very well with it. Keep in mind that it will take time as you learn something new. Yet the more you use these tips the easier it will become for you.
Jugging helps you to be able to see where the catfish are striking because your jug won’t sink. This is a great method that allows you to really make the most of any fishing expedition. It also means at the end of the day you have more than enough delicious catfish to prepare for an amazing meal!

Make the Jugs Visible to you not the Catfish

Catfish jugging won’t work if you can’t easily find your jugs. You have to be able to see them so you know where to go. I recommend using a type of jug that offers a rough texture. You will have to search around for them though as most of them have a smooth texture. You can also take a smooth one and rough it up a bit with some sand paper that you may have around the garage.

You want to use a bright color of paint for the jugs too. I suggest a shade of red or orange. I have also used reflective tape that I had in the garage. You can place it on the jugs because it works really well when you are out there fishing at night. There is no way you will miss those pieces of tape.

I have also used a hot glue gun and placed pieces from my old Christmas tree on it. This has resulted in the jugs not being as noticeable from the bottom. The fish will be less likely to shy away from them. The weight of it will also make it easier for you to catch your fish because they will become quite fatigued in less time.

It is a good idea to add some weight to the jug but not too much. I place a handful of rocks or dirt into each of my jugs before I put the lids on nice and tight. Don’t load them down though or they will be too heavy.

Rigging your Jugs

When you are rigging the jugs make sure that the leader you create isn’t so long that it will drag the bottom. If you allow that to occur it can snag on various items in the water. You want to be able to do well even when you are jugging in shallow water areas. Build your leader with multiple hooks. Place one at the very bottom and then place them strategically upwards.

This allows you to get your catfish but make sure you use the same bait on all the hooks. Initially it may seem like a good idea to try different ones. The problem with that scenario though is that the combined smell isn’t natural and it will keep the catfish away. Instinctively they will be driven away from your jugs rather than drawn to them.

Jugging in Wind or Heavy Currents

Both the wind and heavy currents have to be looked at for jugging. When you are dealing with such scenarios you need to be able to anchor the jugs. This can be accomplished with enough line to reach the bottom of the water. The line needs to have several sinkers in order to weigh it down.

How many you will need to keep the jugs in place depends on the wind or the current. You can tie loops to add swivels and leaders to your hooks and for the bait. It is a good idea to have a good supply of those items on hand. You never know how the wind or the current will change during your fishing experience on any given day.

Keeping Track of Multiple Jugs

While you may want to keep lots of jugs in the water to increase your amount of catfish you need a tracking system or it won’t help you out. Add some type of marbles or steel BBs to the jug. You want to use something that can easily roll around in them. When a fish grabs the bait and pulls the tip of the jug down it will cause the weight to shift and the tip of the jug will be upright.

When you see any of your jugs in the upright position you will immediately know that you need to go check it out. There may be a catfish on it or at the very least there was some action and your bait may need to be replaced. There is just no way for your eyes to focus on so many jugs at once so such a tracking device is really beneficial.

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