Four Catfishing Rigs to Try

The catfish is one of the oldest game fish around and they’re sought out by anglers all over the nation. These fish put up one heck of a struggle when you get one hooked. Combine this to the large size they can grow and you have lots of fun and excitement to look forward to. Even the small catfish can be a challenge to reel in but the larger ones can give you quite a workout that you won’t forget.
There are different types of catfish such as the flathead, bullhead, channel, white and the blue catfish. Each one will offer a different type of experience that’ll keep you coming back for more. It’s recommended that you decide which type of catfish you want to catch before heading out to the water.
Different baits and techniques will attract certain types of catfish better than others. Using the right technique will increases the odds of reeling in more fish. However, using rigs can improve your fishing trip no matter which species of catfish you’re seeking out.
Catfish Fishing Rigs
Catfish fishing rigs are a wonderful invention that can increase the number of bites you get when fishing. They can be purchased from a store or you can make your own. They’re a simple piece of tackle that has gained a lot of respect among anglers everywhere due to their effectiveness.
Four catfishing rigs to try:
1. 3-Way Rig- This is one of the most well-known rigs and they’re used when you need to keep your bait off the bottom. For the most part the catfish are bottom feeders but there are times when they stay suspended above the bottom and this is when the 3-way rig can be very useful.
2. Two-Hook Rig- This one is a great rig that can be used most anytime. The leader is usually between 18 to 24 inches long and it has a snap swivel on the bottom end, a barrel swivel on the top and the two dropper loops in-between will be evenly spaced apart.
3. Slip Bobber Rig- When the catfish is in the shallow water during the spring and summer, the slip bobber rig is an excellent choice.
4. Slip Sinker Rig- This one works great when you’re drift fishing or fishing anywhere from the shore. There are several variations of this rig available and this is one of the reasons they can be used for most any type of catfish. It can be adjusted to meet your needs.
If you’ve never used rigs in the past it’s time to give them a try. They work great, can be fished most anywhere and they’re inexpensive so if you lose one, they’re easy to replace.
The catfish fishing rigs can be very beneficial and help you reel in more fish each time you go fishing. When used correctly, they can greatly increase the number of bites that you get. They’re recommended for all catfish anglers and make a nice accessory to your tackle box. However, there are a few others things that can also increase the amount of success you have when catfish fishing.
One of the main things that you’ll need is patience. The catfish is a stubborn fish that will strike when it’s ready, not when you want it to. They do have a predatory nature so if you invade their space you can entice them to bite. Offering them a meal they can’t resist will usually get bites as well but sometimes, you just have to be patient.
Look for areas that make the perfect habitat for the catfish such as submerged trees, brush piles and stumps. They hide out around these areas waiting for a tasty meal to come swimming by. When you provide them with that meal, you’ll the get the bites you’ve been waiting for. They can also be found around sandbars, breaks and points.
Keep in mind that the catfish is a very strong species so you’ll need to invest in some good quality gear when seeking them out. Go for the heavy duty set-up if you’re seeking out the trophy fish, you’ll need it to get this one onshore.
Rigs can be fished with a variety of baits and anything with an odor is an excellent choice. They have a strong sense of smell and can be drawn to your location with the right smell. Some of the best baits to use include stink bait, scent bait, chicken livers and homemade baits. Some of the live baits they’re highly attracted to include crawdads, minnows, crayfish, worms, mackerel and night crawlers.
When you do catch a catfish, be careful of the way you’re handling it. Some of them have sharp barbs that can cause serious pain if you get stuck. Wear a good pair of gloves and use a hook remover to take the hook out easier.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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