Four Fishing Secrets to Catch Flathead in Kansas

Kansas is an excellent place to go fishing for flathead catfish. In fact, you can find this species in just about any body of water you choose to fish within this state. You can also find the blue cat, channel and bullhead catfish in Kansas but the flathead is plentiful and sought out by anglers all across the area. The flathead is one of the biggest in the catfish family preceded only by the blue cat. This is no doubt one of the reasons why it’s so popular.
Another reason is because the flathead is an excellent sport fish that’ll put up one heck of a fight. If you like excitement, this is an excellent species to seek out. Catching one of these fish, especially a large one, will surely give you something to talk about for a very long time. On top of the thrill of catching the flathead, they also make an excellent meal.
The flathead was named after its long but flatten head. The eyes are an oval shape and flat and the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw. The average size flathead ranges between forty and fifty pounds but the world record was caught in Elk City Reservoir in Kansas and it weighed 123 pounds and 9 ounces. That gives you an idea of how great the fishing is in this state really is.
Kansas Fishing Secrets for Catching Flatheads
It’s always a good idea to be armed with a few great secrets anytime you go fishing in a new area. These can help save you a lot of time and make your fishing trips more productive. You won’t have to spend as much time learning everything for yourself when you take a little advice from some of the locals such as the four fishing secrets to catch flathead in Kansas discussed below:
1. Night fishing is usually the best when seeking out the catfish because this is normally when they feed the most aggressively. However, when fishing for flathead catfish, you can be productive during the day as well. This particular type of catfish uses its sight as well as smell to seek out food so they will be attracted to bait they see. When fishing at night you can use a lantern to draw them to your location because they are also attracted to light.
2. Presenting the catfish with a tasty meal is the best way to get them to strike. For the flathead, the perfect meal is bream. It’s true that this species will usually try to eat anything that will fit into its mouth but they are actually attracted to bream. Therefore, using this bait will help to increase the number of bites you get. Shiners and chubs will also get their attention.
3. The prime location for the flathead is in and around submerged logs, trees and similar structures that are large enough to provide them with some type of cover. Look for these areas and you should find the flathead nearby.
4. Once the flathead reaches adulthood, it has a tendency of spending most of its time alone. This makes finding them more difficult for the angler and it makes it more challenging. Using electronics can help you locate the flathead faster saving you valuable time otherwise spend searching for one.
Keep in mind that the flathead can grow to some amazing sizes so you’ll want to be prepared in the event you hook one of the larger ones. Double check your gear before heading out and make sure it’s in good enough shape to handle this species when you do catch one. It wouldn’t hurt to carry along a good sturdy net to help you get your catch onboard once you do get it reeled in.
Where to Fish for Flathead in Kansas
Knowing where to fish is half the battle angler’s face. You can’t catch them if you don’t know where they are. Fortunately, Kansas is full of catfish and they can be found all over the state. You won’t have any trouble finding a suitable habitat no matter where you’re located.
Some of the best places to fish for flathead are listed below:
* Cedar Bluff Lake
* Clinton Lake
* Wilson Lake
* Lovewell Reservoir
* Cheney Reservoir
* Wolf Creek Reservoir
* Big Hill Lake
* Elk City Lake
* Marion Reservoir
* Council Grove Lake
* Hillsdale Lake
* John Redmond Reservoir
* El Dorado Lake
* Toronto Lake
* Tuttle Creek Lake
There are still many other places where you can fish for this species in Kansas. The lakes above are just some of the best known places. Now that you have a good idea where to find this species and you’re armed with the four fishing secrets to catch flathead in Kansas above, you’re ready to set out on your adventure to see how many you can reel in.

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