Four Oklahoma Catfish Fishing Secrets

The catfish fishing in Oklahoma is excellent and many anglers seek out this species. The catfish can be difficult to catch sometimes because they are a stubborn fish. If they don’t want to take the bait, it’s hard to make them. The season in which you fish will play a major role in how they respond to your bait and how well you do when fishing. Nevertheless, you can reel in a good catch when fishing in these waters.
The catfish is one of the most exciting fish to catch because they put up such a strong fight when you hook one. Some of them can grow to a very impressive size and once you hook one of these big boys, you’re in for a real challenge. They also make a great meal so many anglers seek them out as a food source along with the thrill that reeling one in provides.
Catfish Fishing Secrets for Oklahoma
Oklahoma has the perfect environment needed for this species to grow and thrive because it’s mostly a warm-water state. When you switch from one location to another, the fishing will always be a little different. The fish don’t change but the environment where they are located is what makes them respond differently to the bait that you offer.
The clarity and temperature of the water are two of the main things that affect how the catfish respond. Talking to the locals is a good way to get tips and learn a little about a lake or river that you’ve never fished before. You can check out the fishing reports for that area as well.
Here are four secrets that can help you reel in more catfish in Oklahoma that will help get you started:
1. It helps to learn as much as you can about the particular type of catfish you’re seeking out. Even though they are considered bottom feeders that will strike at anything with an odor, they are all different. For example, the channel catfish are attracted to most anything dead or alive while the flathead prefers live bait. You will also find them in different parts of the water. When you learn about the habits of a certain type of catfish, it will help you find them faster and know which methods and baits will work the best. Using the bait they are naturally attracted to the most, will increase the number of bites you get.
2. Don’t underestimate the catfish. It has the reputation of being a lazy scavenger fish. This may be true at times but anglers have learned over the last few years that they have a predatory nature. If you get your bait in their space they will strike and if they’re hungry, they will chase your bait.
3. Use techniques that help you get the bait in the areas where the fish are most likely to be. They stay on or near the bottom most of the time so still fishing, drifting and casting are all good techniques to use.
4. Don’t head out to the lake or river without double-checking your tackle box. Most anglers will end up losing hooks and cutting fishing line when fishing for catfish. There will also be times when the catfish will fight so hard that it snaps your line in half. If you carry a well-stocked tackle box with you at all times, you’ll have everything you need when this happens to continue fishing.
The best time to go catfish fishing is at night because they are so much more aggressive. However, you can still catch them during the day especially if you’re fishing on days when it’s overcast or drizzling rain. When you do go out at night, make sure you take along flashlights, lanterns and other items to make it easier and safer since night fishing is more dangers than fishing during the day.
Where to Fish
There are so many excellent places to fish for catfish in Oklahoma that there would be no way to list them all. However, a few places are well known for their excellent catfishing opportunities. Having an idea of where to start can make a big difference when you’re new to the area.
Here are 10 of the most popular lakes to fish for catfish in Oklahoma:
1. Lake Texoma
2. Lake Eufala
3. Webber Falls Reservoir
4. El Reno Lake
5. Hugo Lake
6. Keystone Lake
7. Broken Bow Reservoir
8. Canton Lake
9. Taft Lake
10. Lake Murray
If you’re located anywhere near one of these lakes, give them a try. You’re sure to find the catfish fishing to be some of the best you’ve ever experienced anywhere. If you’re not close enough to fish one of these lakes, don’t worry. There are many more excellent fishing areas located all through Oklahoma where you can enjoy some great catfish fishing.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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