Four Tactics for Catching Spanish Catfish

Catfish fishing is something that’s enjoyed all over the globe and Spain is no exception. One of the best places to fish for catfish in Spain is the River Ebro. The catfish was first introduced by a German scientist around thirty years ago in a lake called the “Sea of Aragon”. This species adapted and grew in population eventually working their way downstream into the Ebro River. They’re now one of the most sought species in this area.
Spanish catfish are known for their large sizes. It’s not at all uncommon to find one weighing at least one hundred pounds and some weighing in at around one hundred seventy pounds have been recorded. If you’re searching for a fishing adventure like none other, this is an excellent place to be. Can you imagine reeling in a catfish over one hundred pounds? That would certainly be something worth talking about for a very long time.
Spanish Catfish Tactics
If you want to be a success at reeling in a Spanish catfish you need a few good tactics that can help you out. These fish are amazing and you’re not going to have much luck if you set out without any idea of how to catch and reel one in. Since they can grow so large, you’ll need extra gear to help you get them from the water to the boat once you do catch one. Consider using a sturdy net or a gaff.
Here are four tactics for catching Spanish catfish that can make your fishing adventure in this area more productive:
1. One of the best places to find the Spanish catfish is in deep holes and in the deepest parts of the water. Around Dams is an excellent place to begin your adventure. Don’t be afraid to try areas where you wouldn’t normally find catfish. They can surprise you every now and then and be in places where you’d least expect.
2. Go fishing right after a good rain and when a cold front is approaching for the best results. This is the time when the baitfish is plentiful and active. The catfish will be active as well as they will be in search of a good meal and ready to take your bait.
3. Use the heaviest gear and tackle you can handle. These fish are huge and you won’t stand a chance if your gear can’t hold up to the struggle. Multi-strand nylon 100 pound fishing line and a single rig with a large 3 inch hook is a good start. Heavy duty swivel snaps, steel weights and a good sturdy, heavy-duty rod and reel combo will be necessary if you want to catch this species.
4. Use live bait when fishing for the Spanish catfish if you want to get results. Carp and perch are good choices to start off with. You may have success with other types of bait but you can never go wrong with live bait.
These tactics can help make your fishing trip more productive so you can have a wonderful experience each time you hit the water. Reeling in a Spanish catfish is quite a feat and something that you should be proud of if you manage to catch and reel in just one. Still, the more tips you have to help you, the more productive you can be and this makes for a great fishing adventure.
Why Seek Out the Spanish Catfish
The average angler may not have an interest in seeking out the Spanish catfish but the serious fishermen looking for a reel adventure has many good reasons to go fishing for them. First of all, consider their size. Reeling in just one of these fish can be a dream come true for many anglers. It’s something that many have tired and few have succeeded at. Catching a catfish weighting over 100 pounds is something that you’ll never forget.
Another reason why many choose to seek out the Spanish catfish is the fact that you’ll be right in the middle of some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever have the pleasure of enjoying. You’ll see orange groves and rice paddies all along the river that’ll take your breath away. The mountains are also gorgeous and something to admire. If you have a passion for wildlife, you’ll be blown away by some of the animal species that you’ll see when seeking out the Spanish catfish.
If you’re visiting Spain for the great fishing opportunities, you may want to book a fishing trip in advance. This is the best way to explore these waters both thoroughly and safely. It can be dangerous going out in waters that you’re not familiar with and your safety should be the number one concern. Don’t take unnecessary chances when fishing. Take measures to stay safe so you can return another day for some more great fishing.

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