Good Commercial Catfish Bait

Can you recommend some good commercial catfish bait?

Some catfish anglers swear by commercial bait while others attest to the fact that it really does not catch catfish effectively. One good rule of thumb to understand is that catfish have to be attracted to the bait you use either by sight or by smell. Either the bait has to move and wiggle and catch their eye or they have to smell it so they can seek it out. Since commercial bait is obviously not going to wiggle like a live bait or lure might, it is going to have to smell. Here is a short list of a few popular commercial catfish baits that might work well for you: * Uncle Josh Doughball Catfish and Carp bait’s Mr Catfish Doughball Cheese blood. This bait is made of real cheese and real blood with scent added to make up this formable catfish bait in the form of a dough. * Berkley Catfish Powerbait Chunks: Available already in chunks to make it easier to bait, this bait dough is based on strong scents purported to attract large catfish. * Catfish Charlie’s Catfish Dough Bait Type A: A strongly scented dough bait that can be softened with milk or solidified with flour to improve consistency. * Berkley Gulp Catfish Dough Bloody: A purportedly natural dough bait that has an intense scent to attract fish from farther away. It boasts a natural consistency as well. The problem with commercial catfish bait is that, though it might be easier than catching bait, or making your own bait, and might be less expensive and easier to keep than bought fresh bait, many catfish anglers feel it simply does not work as well as traditional and even innovative (like ivory or zote soap) bait does. Still, try commercial bait if you wish. Particularly in murky water, you could have some success, and it really is convenient to keep a container of it in your tackle box, so that you always have bait ready to go.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

One Response to “Good Commercial Catfish Bait”

  1. Doug Barcroft says:

    Great answer! One thing to keep in mind about any commercially prepared bait is that every body of water is different, and it may take experimentation to discover which kind the catfish in your area prefer. A bait that works wonders in one lake may not get you any bites in another. Dip baits and dough baits are wierd that way. Sometimes a bait that worked well in the spring won’t work in the same body of water in the fall. Find a couple different kinds that produce bites and carry them both. They can work very well, I just limited out Friday with dip bait in my local lake. Don’t expect Flatheads to touch the stuff though, you need something alive to catch those.

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