Great catfish baits

Whichever type of bait you decide to use, you don’t want to skimp on it. The catfish (especially the large ones) won’t exert much energy chasing after small bait because they’re searching for a good tasty meal that will be satisfying.

Everything affects the way the catfish responds to the baits you use so there is no way to know for sure which ones will work the best on any given fishing trip.

This is why it’s recommended you take along a variety of everything and experiment. If one thing is not getting the attention you want, then switch to something else. Of course, you can’t really do this with live bait because it needs to be used when it’s fresh but you can take along plenty of other baits to use for when you run out of live bait.

Keep in mind that for the most part, the catfish is a bottom feeder and this means that you need to use methods that will help you get the bait on the bottom where they are. If you’re fishing the bottom but not having much success you can move the bait up a foot or two off the bottom and try again. Sometimes they will be suspended just above the bottom and don’t underestimate the shallow waters. Some of the biggest catfish caught in the past were found in the shallows.

At night is always a good time to go catfish fishing. They are usually more actively feeding during these times and will be easier to find. You need to be patient when fishing for the catfish but if you’ve been in one location without even a nibble for more than twenty or thirty minutes, then there is probably no catfish in the area and you need to move to a new location. Use these tips combined with the 5 catfish baits listed above and all of your fishing trips should be filled with more fun and excitement.

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