Have people really lost fingers noodling catfish?

Have people really lost fingers noddling catfish?

Yes, but more often it was not from the catfish, but more so from the accidental meeting with a snapping turtle hiding in the hole that the person was grabbing into. The catfish can cause a person injury, and probably could result in the loss of fingers, but the catfish put up such a fight, that a person can and has drowned trying to bring a big cat in. I did hear about one guy that did lose a finger to a catfish, but the exact circumstances were left out. I would suspect that there were other circumstances involved on the loss of the finger. Noodling is not the ideal way to catch a fish. When you stick your hand in any hole under water, you never know what is going to be in there. It could be a snapper or worst. You could even pick the wrong hole and get your arm stuck. Noodling is not a safe way of fishing. That is probably why it is illegal in more states than the few that allow it to be done. Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia and Arkansas allow noodling if you are looking for a place to try it. The best way to protect your fingers and your hand is to wear gloves and know for sure what is in the hole that you are going into before hand. You never know what lurks in the holes underwater and what can happen if it is not a catfish.

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One Response to “Have people really lost fingers noodling catfish?”

  1. Casey Kirkes says:

    Please provide references for your statements on the dangers of noodling. In particular, finger lost. Credible references only. No testimony. If you can’t please concede that your writing is nothing more that inflated fiction for attention. Thanks.

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