Houston Catfish Fishing

Houston catfish fishing is a great lure for all fishermen to visit the Texas area, but how do they catch these elusive prize fish?

The best way to catch catfish on lakes or reservoirs is to find a spot with a good depth that has some kind of wood cover. This cover could come in the form of a walkway, tree stumps, and an area of fallen trees, a dock or an old post sitting in the water. Channel catfish love to forage around wooded areas.

Once a good area is found then it is just a matter of casting out your rig with good bait attached to the hook. As mentioned before Shad seems to be a great bait of choice, the reason is because channel catfish love preying on these little fish at feeding time.

During the summer months cat fishing is best done during the night hours. To catch the fish at night it is good practice to fish around a dock area, this is because they often have lighting that attracts the Shad and other bait fish, which in turn attracts predators like the catfish that see this as a perfect opportunity to feed.


Catfish fishing is not just a sport; it’s more of a hobby born out of love for this amazing fish. For many the Catfish embodies the best features of all the fish you could possibly try to catch, they are beautiful to look at; Catfish are a formidable opponent when trying to catch and they come in so many different forms it is untrue, and this is without the fact that they are one of the oldest aquatic life forms on the planet.

Remember to enjoy your time on the lake fishing for this wonderful fish, your patience will eventually pay off and you will be able to admire the physical attributes of the catfish when you reel one in.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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