How can I make dough ball bait?

How can I make dough bait?

How to make a dough ball bait is easy. Anyone can do it as long as you have flour, water, egg and some type of bait. Some people just use a dough ball for bait, but I like to add a little additive to attract the catfish. I make the dough ball mixture by putting flour in a bowl, adding the egg and mixing it up. Then a gradually add water until I have a thick consistency thick dough mixture. Then I divide the mixture into equal amounts. The amount of dough balls will depend on how much flour you have used. After I have divided the dough mixture, I use some shaved ivory soap or some fish guts. I place this in the middle of the dough and roll it up into a ball. Then I place each dough ball in a sealable sandwich bag and place it in the refrigerator to get cold and hard. This works great for baiting catfish. If you have anything stinky around the house such as moldy cheese, you can add that to the middle of the dough ball if you do not have anything else. When you are ready to fish, just take the dough balls along with you and secure them to the hook. I use old nylons to make dough ball holders. This prevents the dough ball from falling apart when it is in the water. It works like a charm. Just make sure if you borrow the wife’s nylons that you have permission.

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