How do I catch catfish in small farm ponds?

I like fishing little farm ponds for catfish. Any tips for maximum catches?

Pond fishing for cats can be productive, if you know the cats are in there. Most cats prefer some current in their waterways, but many ponds either have more water flow than is apparent, or, have cats that have adapted to this home. To really maximize a catch of cats in a pond, coverage is the key. To this end, jug fishing comes to mind as the supreme method of covering every bit of water thoroughly. First off, though, make sure that your local regs are OK with jug fishing. To max out with your jug fishing expedition, set up your jugs to use two hooks per jug, one at the foot of the drop line, and the other at least two feet higher up, to cover two distinct depths with each jug. You might also consider baiting up with two or more baits, and spreading them over both depth options. Let your jugs float out and cover the pond. Releasing them from numerous spots around the pond will help to cover the most water. Once you get some fish, see which bait they are hitting, and where, and re-bait and release the other jugs accordingly. Alternatively, you can use a round of jug fishing to “feel out” the pond, and then still fish, or drift fish, where and how the jugs have indicated. Placing a trotline, again, following the indications of the jug fishing results, can be a very effective method for regularly pulling in large numbers of fish from a specific spot. Trying different times of day or night to fish may prove to cause quite a shift in your bag numbers, too, depending on the waterway.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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