How do I get relief from a catfish sting?

how do you get relief from a catfish sting

The catfish sting can be painful. You can take aspirin for the pain, but first, you have to clean the area. First, you should run the wound under very hot water. This should be as hot as you can stand it. If there are any spines left in the wound, you must remove these. Usually a tweezers will work just fine for this procedure. After you have done this, you need to wash the wound and rinse it with fresh clean water. You do not ever want to put any tape or covering on the catfish sting. You do not use stitches on this type of wound as well. You can use antibiotics if you would develop an infection. If the pain persists and you are taking aspirin every four hours, you may need to visit a doctor to make sure that you have all of the spines removed and the area is clean and not getting infected. If at all possible, you should avoid the catfish whiskers that can cause the sting. Sometimes this is hard to do when they are flopping around, but protective sleeves can help a little more that wearing a short sleeve shirt when reeling the cats into the boat. Also, keep little kids away from the cats so they do not get stung. You never know if someone is allergic to the sting or not. If you show signs or a child shows signs of allergic reactions, seek medical attention right away to avoid complications.

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