How do I make my own catfish bait?

How do I make my own catfish bait recipes?

You can make your own bait easily with a few supplies that you probably have in your kitchen and refrigerator. Moldy cheese, chicken livers, freezer burnt meats, ivory soap and even flour for a dough ball. Here are two recipes for making you own bait right at home. Dough Balls are made from flour and water. You can make the dough and roll your stinky bait into dough balls. After you make the stinky dough balls, you will need to place them in the refrigerator to get hard. Soap is another home ingredient that makes excellent bait. Whether you use ivory soap or another unscented soap, it works. You can use the soap alone or in dough balls. If you need another idea, you can make the stinky bait and roll it up in the dough. Then you roll the dough ball in the shaved soap. Cheese is found somewhere in the refrigerator. This is the best time to make it fish bait. The smelliest and moldier the cheese the better. Hot Dogs or Sausage can be blended up and make into a catfish bait. You can then roll this mush into a dough ball. Chicken Blood can be poured on any of your bait recipes. Garlic added to many of these recipes will attract the catfish. For some reason, catfish really like garlic. Keeping the bait together is another story. You can use flour as in the dough balls, bran flakes, crushed saltines or even cotton that you have in the house. Everything works for making catfish bait.

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