How do I use a yo-yo for catfishing?

One of my buddies told me I needed to get a Yo-Yo if I’m fishing for catfish. Can you tell me what this is and how to use it?

A yo-yo is an automated reel that you tie on to the side of your boat, a tree limb, the dock or even a jug. It’s very small and to use it, you simply pull the line out and bait it. Once set, the yo-yo will hold the line in the water until a fish strikes the bait. When that happens, the yo-yo will quickly pull the line back in and hook the fish. The tension on the line prevents the fish from spitting out the hook. You can suspend a yo-yo below your jugs when jug fishing to decrease the chances of a fish getting off your hook after he strikes the bait. A yo-yo will also work as a limbline. Simply attach it to the tree limb and let it out to the necessary depth. If you’re using a yo-yo for this type of fishing, I’d suggest you stay close by. Originally used for Crappie fishing, yo-yo’s can be an effective way to fish for Catfish as well. Most yo-yo’s hold approximately 14 feet of 60 pound test line and are fairly inexpensive at about two dollars apiece. You can purchase them online or at most bait and tackle shops. Yo-yo’s are not legal in all areas so make the call to the local authorities before you buy one. Texas, for example, has outlawed their use. Other states may have restrictions on their use which may limit the number used on any line, require the name of the owner and his address to be attached, cannot be left unattended for more than a specific number of hours, cannot be strung or suspended across a channel or waterway and/or cannot restrict or impede boat traffic.

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  1. John Sheehan says:

    Thanks for the site!How does one go about catching Catfish during the day?I only catch them at dusk and after dark.

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