How do you chum for catfish?

I’ve been told that chumming is a great way to prepare an area you’ll planning to fish for catfish – how is this done?

Chumming, quite honestly, gets mixed reactions among catfish fishermen. While some believe chumming will actually attract catfish, others believe it’s best used to stimulate the bite and keep the catfish in the area once you’ve found them. The concept of chumming is very simple. You’re simply throwing something in the water that the catfish will be drawn to and want to eat. Regardless of how you’re planning to use it, experimenting is the best way to decide how it works best in the areas you’re fishing. When chumming, you’ll want to remember to spread the chum across a good-sized area. Simply dropping it over the side of your boat in a large pile will not generate the response you want from the fish. To increase your odds, choose an area that are more than likely going to host catfish, it’s difficult to attract them to spots they won’t normally visit. Don’t attempt to use chum in water with a strong current. The current will quickly spread the chum too quickly and too far away from your boat. Chumming also works best in shallow water and start spreading it about 20 minutes before you drop your hook. The most efficient way to do this is to chum three or four spots and then move from one spot to the next. If you don’t get a bite in the first 15 minutes, go to the next spot. While you can purchase commercial chum, it’s more cost effective to make your own. There are several recipes for chum available on the internet.

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One Response to “How do you chum for catfish?”

  1. chuck says:

    chumming works really well! Hi im chuck from california. i fish alot in lakes, what you want to do to get the best fishing experianc, isto find a spot where you want to fish, where you think catfish might be. take bread and break it up into little peices, and throw a bunch of it within a 25 feet radeius in the water most of it will float and the rest will sink. cast your line out with whatever bait you want. when cat fish are around you will know they will swim up to the top and you can hear them sucking the bread off the top. and a tip to help you catch them is to tie two hooks at the same spot and conect your hooks to the opeset side of the bait. and leave 2 feet of fishing line out to allow the fish to run with it, and set the hook hard. have fun and good luck.

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