How do you make good catfish chum?

how do you make good catfish chum

The topic of chum for catfish does not come up much because some areas or water in particular do not allow chumming. The best chum is fish guts, but this is in my opinion the worst thing to throw in the water. Some anglers have used fish heads, chicken livers and anything that would cause a stink. The blood smell is what attracts the catfish and some anglers have used road kill that has been dead only a few hours to get the fish to come. You know that liver that the wife bought home and place in the refrigerator for the night’s dinner would work very well. If you want to chum, you should see if you can and then see what other anglers have used in the past to get the catfish to come running. You want to use something that is not going to sit on the bottom of water without being eaten. There are some bait shops that have chum that works in that particular area. Nevertheless, I prefer to use a bait that makes the fish come running rather than the chum. If you find a good chum that works and you can use it on the water that you fish, then stick with that. If you prefer to bait the cats without chumming, you can create some tasty, to the fish anyways, recipes that will have them coming from a good distance away to find the smell and eat. It is up to you to see if you can use it first on the water you fish.

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  1. Hank says:

    Yes its usually illegal to chum,check your state laws be for you do, the DNR publish a free local guide to laws and fishing facts, bait shops usually have some in the spring.

    Soybeans are used by some folks,take a 5 gallon bucket of beans and add water,let it sit in the sun a few days and it will begin to rot, spoon it out into the water.

    Sorry thats all I know, I havent tried it. Beans may be free if you ask a farmer, or try at a grain elevater.

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