How is Georgia catfishing different?

How is georgia catfishing different?

I never though that Georgia fishing was different, but the bait may be different because of what the fish are used to for baitfish. I might add that the water temperatures make it easy to fish for cats longer than you might be able to somewhere else. Georgia has some great watering hoes for fishing. You can find some water in every county it seems like for catfishing. You can use fish heads or homemade bait for fishing. If you want to be in control of the fish, add some stink to your bait and have them come to you. Find out what the locals are using and try to match it. I have heard of a lot of chumming going on, but I have to say that some waters prohibit chumming and you should always know what you can do and not do before trying anything. The DNR is strict and will enforce all laws governing the waters and fishing. Overall, the fishing is great and you can use baitfish from the water itself or make your own. There are some great recipes within this site for making at home. You can make it ahead of time so it is ready to go when you are. Basically, you need to sit out the fish and wait for them to come to you. I would suggest finding a map and locating potential areas to fish rather than drifting on many of the lakes. You will have your fill in no time.

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