How to Catch a Giant Catfish

One piece of advice that you should remember is to not use stink baits or cut baits in water that is above sixty degrees or the smell could be overwhelming. These work the best in cold waters and they are great for attracting the catfish in murky waters where they can’t see very well. Don’t skimp on your bait if you’re trying to reel in a huge catfish. The big boys won’t waste their time striking at anything that won’t make them a tasty and filling meal.

When and Where to Catch the Huge Catfish

If you truly want to reel in a huge catfish, then you should go night fishing. The largest catfish are more active during the night and they feed more aggressively. Therefore, this is the best time that you can catch the biggest fish. If you can’t go out during the night then at least try to go fishing during the early morning hours or the late evening hours for the best results.

You can usually have the most luck catching a huge catfish during the spring because they are very active during this season but this is not the only time you can catch them. The catfish is a bottom feeder and you will need to get your baits to the bottom of the water in order to get their attention. However, if the bottom is elevated then you can usually find the catfish at different depths throughout the water.

One thing that you must have in order to catch a huge catfish is patience. If you get impatient then you may go home disappointed. Don’t stay in the same area for the duration of the trip if you’re not getting any bites but don’t be in too big of a hurry to move either. When you feel a bite, don’t be in a hurry to set that hook. The catfish will nibble at the bait a couple of times before they actually take it. Give him time to take the bait completely, then set the hook and start reeling him in.

You can have some great stories to tell and reel in some huge catfish by using these tips. It will certainly be an adventure that you will remember for a long time and you will have some great stories to share with friends and family.

Catfish fishing is one of the most popular sports of today and there is nothing else like reeling in that big one.

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