How to Catch Big Catfish

Seasons play a role in your chance of catching a larger fish, as well. While channel cats and blue cats are caught year round in record-challenging sizes, the larger specimens tend to gather in large numbers in deep wintering holes during colder months, offering you a better chance at hooking a large catfish. By contrast, you should seek out trophy-sized flatheads in the summer, since they become lethargic in cold waters and won’t actively seek your bait.

Another tip on how to catch big catfish is to stay away from creeks, ponds, and small bodies of water in general. Trophies are rarely found here and are more likely picked up in large rivers and lakes. Make sure you have good tackle and invest in the maintenance of it so that it is in good condition when that giant catfish does bite your line. Use rods that are at least 7 feet long for best results so that you can remain at a bit of a distance and not disturb the fish. Also, opt for bait-casting reels because they are the more durable and toughest. Use braided superlines, at least 30-pound test, so that you can reduce the chances of snapping when the catfish begins to struggle. Once you’ve got your equipment set, all you can do is wait with extreme patience and pursue the course until you catch that trophy you’ve always wanted.

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