How to catch catfish and what bait should I use?


Catching the catfish is done better at night. The catfish is a night feeder. However, some catfish can be caught during the day in murky, muddy waters. The test line to use is going to be at least thirty-pound test if you are going out for the big cats. You should have at least one hundred and forty feet of test line and a strong braided leader line. The leader line should be at least sixteen inches long. The pole is going to be seven or eight feet long. You will not need to have a pole that is lightweight to catch a catfish. You will need a pole that is strong and durable. The catfish can cause havoc on a test line, reel and pole. You need equipment that can handle the weight and fight of the catfish. The catfish has a preferred diet that will include mollusks, frogs, dead fish, live small fish, larvae, insects and crayfish. The catfish can be caught with a minnow as well if it is large enough. Hooking the catfish can be done with a jig and some live bait or with a fish head. The bigger catfish will devour a fish head. It is possible to catch some catfish that weigh upwards of sixty pounds. These fish are going to be caught using a fish head and some strong fishing lines. If you fish for the catfish, you want to do it at night for better chances of catching the big catfish.

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