How to Make a Catfishing Rig

There are quite a few different styles of cat fishing rigs out there. Some of them allow you to fish off the top of the water with a bobber. Others are designed to allow you to fish off the bottom so you use them in conjunction with a sinker. There are also those that have multiple hooks on them.
For tying your swivels and hooks on the line try the Palomar knot. I have been using this type of knot for many years for my cat fishing rigs. It works great because it is easy to do and it really is strong. This knot works really well with 10 pound test fishing line. It also works well with braided fishing line. When I use 20 pound regular fishing line I have found that it hard to get this particular knot tight unless it is the braided style. To start you form a fairly large loop at the end of the line. Pinch the loop in half. Pass the loop through the eye of the hook or the swivel.

Tie an overhand knot. Then pass the loop over the hook and pull both ends. Before pulling both ends lubricate the ends by dipping in water or licking the line. This will ensure that the knot is tight enough. Pull it as tight as you can. Trim the excess on the end to about ? of an inch. Then you will have some extra line if it needs to tighten up more.

The Basic Cat fishing Rig

The first thing you want to do is thread your line through the eyelet of your sinker. A 1 ounce sinker should be sufficient. The weight of the sinker and the bait alone will allow you to cast almost anywhere you want to. After threading the line through the eyelet of the sinker you want to tie a barrel swivel to the end of the line. Use a large enough barrel swivel that the sinker won’t be able to slide back off of it and fall off the line.
You want to make a leader at least 12 inches long and up to 18 inches long. On one end of the leader you will want to tie a snap swivel. Using the snap swivel allows you to have several different leaders that you can easily snap on and off your line. On the other end of your leader tie a hook. Make several of these using different sizes of hooks (from #2 to #4 size or any that you prefer).

Slip Bobber Rig

This cat fishing rig works great for fishing in shallow water. You want to thread a slip style bobber onto the line. On the end of the line tie a barrel swivel. Again, make sure that the barrel swivel is large enough that the bobber can’t slip over it. Now you want to build a leader. This should be from 12 to 18 inches in length. You can go up to 24 though if you prefer. Building your leader with a hook on one side and a snap swivel on the other. That allows you to try different leaders with various sizes of hooks.
Try to determine the water depth where you will be fishing. This allows you to use a bobber stop – anything such as twine, a rubber band, or other item. The idea is to prevent the line from going through the bobber. This will ensure the bait is able to hand down close to the floor.

Two Hook Cat Fishing Rig

To start this rig you will want to form a loop in the line. Twist the loop several times so that you have enough room to tie a knot. After the knot is complete you want there to be a loop remaining in the line. You will want to go from 18 to 24 inches up the line and do the same process. This will give you somewhere to hook your snap swivels or to tie barrel swivels for attaching your leader.
At the very end of the line you want to tie at least a 1 ounce sinker.
You want to build at least 2 leaders. With a snap swivel on 1 end and your hooks on the other, make your leaders from 12 to 18 inches long. Make sure the 1 you build for the top loop isn’t long enough to tangle up with the bottom leader though. After building your leaders you can attach them to the leaders you created with a snap swivel. You can also hook them directly to your barrel swivels. Using barrel swivels on any joints like this will help because when the fish decide to spin, the barrel swivel is able to spin with it. This helps to keep your line from twisting and breaking.

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