How To Make Catfish Bait

How do I make catfish bait?

Catfish is easy to make with common household ingredients and a few appliances. You’ll never need to buy store-bought again! The handiest bait making tool is your blender. You might want to get your own blender for mixing up bait. You don’t want to be making a milk shake later that’s got left over shrimp in it. Get an old blender and use that as your special catfish bait mixer. The best bait for catfish is stuff that smells strongly. That’s why they go after the store-bought stuff, because it smells. Out of your kitchen, you can find quite a few things they’ll go after: tuna, cheese, hot dogs, sausages, shrimp… experiment and keep track of what works best. If you can catch some small fish and use those, you’ll really be cooking. The best way to make your bait is to put all the ingredients together, blend it until it’s a stinky mush that you wouldn’t feed to your dog, and then comes the challenging part: Finding a way to stick it all together. Probably the easiest method out there is to use doughballs. You can buy these at the bait shop or make your own, but the basic idea is that it’s dough that you roll your bait in so that it will stay on the hook. You don’t have to use doughballs. Some guys make little rice balls with their bait, and I’ve heard of some folks using cotton balls. The idea is just to make your stinky mush, and then find some way to hold it all together so it doesn’t fall apart on your hook.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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  1. Tommy Pratt says:

    I have seen old timers while I was growing up that would take the “MUSH” they would make,put in a pot over a fire, get it to a dense liquid state, then add pieces of common household sponges cut to aprox. 3.4 to 1 inch square pieces and let the “MUSH ” absorb into the sponges. works pretty well either tight lining or trot lining…….

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