How to make homemade punch bait

After you grind the mixture up you need to take small portions and put them in a freezer bag and place this in your freezer. When you go fishing you put a bag of chum bait in the water where it will thaw out. As the bait is thawing the smell will be released into the water. This will bring all the catfish in the area swimming in your direction just to get a taste of this bait. Now all you have to do is start reeling them in.

Anglers use different baitfish for the main ingredient which is fine as long as it is something that will have a strong smell to get the attention of the catfish. The way to prepare and use the bait is the same no matter which main ingredient you use. You can spend a little time experimenting by trying different ingredients until you find the one that gets the results you are after. Once you find a combination that works you can continue to make it the same way each time you go fishing.

When you know how to make homemade punch bait, you can then take the steps needed to prepare great bait before any event or fishing trip you go on. Some people like their punch bait better when they’ve given it a few days to get really stinky. This will require some planning on your part to ensure you have everything ready to go before the big day.

Also keep in mind when making punch bait that it’s going to stink. Others around you are not going to want to smell this so you need a place to keep it that’s away from bothering neighbors, your wife or other family members. You don’t want to end up sleeping on the couch for your stinky bait, right?

Making your own homemade punch bait can be one of the more enjoyable parts of going fishing. It feels great when you reel in those big cat and you know it’s because of the great bait you created yourself.

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