How to pick a catfish fishing rod

The heavy action rod is recommended for the flathead and blue catfish because it will handle the weight of these cats without snapping into. It’s important to know that the softer the action of the rod the easier it will be to keep the bait on the hook. Therefore, if your bait is getting slung off every time you cast your line, you need to try a softer action rod.

Some of the other things that you need to consider when buying a catfish fishing rod include the price and comfort level of the rod. For example, price is always a factor. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a good quality fishing rod, you just need to look for ones that are well-made. A graphite rod is always a good choice.

Before you buy a rod, take a few minutes to handle it and see how it fits in your hands. You’ll also want to check the length of the rod to see how it feels when you’re holding it. Choose a rod between five to eight feet long for the best results when fishing for catfish.

After fishing for awhile, you’ll get a feel for which size would suit you the best personally. The rod, reel and the fishing line all make a difference when seeking out the catfish but the hooks also play an important part. You need to make sure the hooks are strong and sharp or they won’t penetrate the tough mouth of the catfish. It’s also a good idea to take extra tackle with you when you go fishing and an extra spool of fishing line just in case.

The catfish is one amazing species and if you want to be a success at reeling them in, it’s important to choose your fishing rod carefully and take good care of your gear. This information will help you choose a good catfish fishing rod to start out with. After you have been fishing for awhile and gained more experience, you’ll be able to tell what changes you need to make based on the type of fishing you do and which catfish you’re seek out.

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