Louisville Kentucky Catfishing

In the hot days of Kentucky summer, the catfish are usually located closer to the bottom of the water source when the sun is out and come up closer to the surface when it gets cooler or after dark. If the sun is shining brightly on the water, you can expect the fish to be a few feet below this where it is cooler. You may want to try slower moving rigs and jigs down in deeper waters to attract the fish.

Kentucky Catfish Records

Are you wondering about what kind of history Kentucky has for catfish? Current catfish records for Kentucky arele=”margin-left: 0.5in;”>Harry Case

Paris, KY

Guist Creek Lake

White Catfish: 1 lb., .82 ozs.

Charlie Crain

Shelbyville, KY

Guist Creek Lake 05/03/

Would you like to try your own hand at meeting these records? If you want to get your own shot at a big catfish, or just want to fish in Louisville (possibly even for the first time) then you just need to know how to prepare.

, Kentucky. You will want to know where you will be fishing at, the weather prediction for that day, the season you are fishing in and if at all possible, try to get a hold of some fishing reports for that particular area of catfishing so you have an idea of what has worked for other people.

Catfish are often more predictable than other types of fish and what worked in one day in one location may work repeatedly again and again. This means great luck for the fisherman who reads his catfishing reports and goes into it prepared.

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