How To Catch Catfish With Trotlines

When you set-up a trotline in deep water you will need to have two weights to help hold the line in place. It will be up to you to determine how deep you want to set the trotline. Normally, the trotline will range between fifty to one hundred feet in length and can have from twenty-five to fifty hooks per line. Many anglers believe that using trotlines in deep water is not the best way to fish. Instead they recommend jug fishing when in the deeper waters although, trotlines are great for shallow to medium deep waters.

How to Fish Using Trotlines

Make sure you have the right equipment with you so you are prepared to take care of the catfish you catch. You will need a net, a pair of gloves, a knife and needle nose pliers. Always keep your bait handy and ready to use. Once you have the trotline set-up you are ready to start fishing. Never leave your trotline unattended for long periods of time.

It is important that you check your bait every four to six hours to put on fresh bait. When checking your line start on the shallow end and work your way across the line while keeping it in the water. When re-baiting your hook make sure that any fish on the end of the line are kept in the water to avoid them from flopping around to much and possibly getting off the line. When taking the fish off the hook place the net underneath him and them remove the hook. It is a good idea to have someone with you to help out when checking the trotline.

Your location is one of the most important things to consider when using trotlines. You also need to take into consideration what type of catfish you intend to catch, which hooks to use and how heavy the weights need to be. How far apart to space the hooks is also a decision that you will need to make that will be determined by what type and size of catfish you are after.

It is recommended that you find out in advance what the regulations are for using a trotline in the state and waters in which you plan on fishing. Some states have a limit on how long the trotline can be or how many hooks can be used on each line. Some states require a certain amount of spacing between each hook and some require that you place a tag on the trotline with your name and address if you leave it unattended for awhile.

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