How to Tie Catfish Fishing Rigs

The Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig is similar to the Texas rig therefore the clinch knot will work great for this technique as well. Hook your plastic worm about one inch down from the head where the thick part is located and then again in a lower part of the body. Do not let the end of the hook go all the way through the body just like with the Texas rig.

When tying a Carolina rig you need to start by tying the end of the leader line onto the barrel swivel. Next, slide the main line all the way through the sinker weight. Place the bead that you plan to use behind the weight and then tie the main line onto the other end of the barrel swivel. Tie the end of the leader line onto your hook and you will be ready to put your bait on the hook.

The Carolina rig works great around structures and when fishing around weeds but it does not work very well around dams, rocks or any area where your line can get tangled around obstacles. This technique works the best when you cast it out past where you want to fish and then give it a tug and allow the bait to move freely for a few minutes and then repeat the process.

The Floating Rig

When hooking the worm onto the line for the floating rig you will use the same method as with the Texas rig. The main difference between the floating rig and the Texas or Carolina rig is that you do not use a weight with this one. You need this rig to be as light as possible so it will not sink to the bottom.

When tying the floating rig you will start by tying one end of the leader line to the barrel swivel and then tie the main line to the opposite end of the barrel swivel. The last step is to tie the other end of the leader line to the hook and then you are ready for the bait.

The floating rig works very well when fishing around dams and areas with rocks because it doesn’t get hung up as easily as other types. Normally, it will float over most any obstacle in the water. This technique is best used when you need the bait to appear as close to the natural food source as possible. Using either of these rigs can help you have a successful trip anytime you go catfish fishing.

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