I am going to the Frio Rio in Texas. They have catfish, bass, carp and striper, but I do not know what bait to use. Any ideas?

I am going to the Frio Rio in Texas they have catfish,bass ,carp and striper but i dont now what batit??????

If you are going to fish for catfish in Texas, you are going to want to use a stinky catfish bait. You can use fish heads or minnows as well. The catfish bait can be almost anything as long as it has some smell to attract the strong senses of the catfish. If you are thinking about catching bass, you will want to have a top water lure or bait. Now, this is going to work if you find the areas where the bass are schooling. The same goes for the catfish. You have to find the specific areas where the specie is lurking. Carp is a fish that bites at just about anything, but you can catch a carp with a night crawler or a lure. They are abundant in many areas and are not a sought after fish as much as the catfish, walleye and bass. The striper can be caught with a minnow and a jig, but they will also bite at night crawlers. You should be able to catch any of these fish with a few different types of bait. Just remember that the catfish is a night feeder and the bass are day feeders. The carp and the striper like to stay close to the bottom and will bite at things that come to them. Enjoy your time fishing in Texas. Keep an eye on the weather conditions for the best fishing. Visit the local bait shops to get a map that tells where the humps and underwater structures are located.

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