I have a problem. The turtles are eating the bait before the catfish. I have tried everything from liver to worms to live shad and sunk it to the bott

Hey I have a problem because turtles are eating the bait before the catfish and I tryed everything from liver to worms to live shad and sunk it to the bottom put it on a bobber and I caught four cats one day on fried chiken skin but never agian. I have a another email at [email protected],com if the verizon one doesnt work.

Turtle problems again. You need to have some bait that the turtles will not like. Have you try any of my catfish bait recipes? I will never profess to be a turtle expert, but I think if you use the smelliest bait you can make, the turtles will stay away. The smelliest catfish bait recipe is garlic, chicken guts and blood, and ten days in a bucket in a hot garage covered. This is some very foul smelling bait and I think the turtles will stay away. I had another guy that had turtle problems and I told him the same thing. Although I never heard back from him, I am sure this should work. Turtles from what I know do not go after something smelly with garlic. Here is the recipe for the bait to try. Fresh Chicken Blood and Guts All the chicken guts from butchered and cleaned chickens Capture all the blood and keep in a jar until needed Garlic Five-gallon bucket Place all the guts, blood and garlic into a five-gallon bucket and cover. Let this stand for two weeks. Open the lid slowly and add more garlic, stir and cover. Let stand for another three weeks and it will be ready. The bucket should be kept in a hot place. Use the bait as you need it and you should be catching catfish instead of turtles. You should no that this is going to stink and can cause gag reflexes in some of the best of us anglers.

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