I need a new catfish dip bait recipe. Do you know of any good recipes?

I need a new catfish dip bait recipe. Know of any good recipes?

I heard of this recipe and have heard from fellow anglers that this is the best recipe for catfish dip bait. It takes ten days to make the bait, but I heard it was the best and attracts the catfish from everywhere. Turn chicken livers into catfish bait by using a jar of garlic salt. Take a package of chicken livers and place the first layer in a pan, add garlic salt. Then add the second layer and garlic salt. Do this until the chicken livers are all layer and salted in the pan. You will nee to cover the pan with a lid. The lid cannot touch the chicken livers. Place the pan outside for three hours. After three hours, take the livers and drop them in a bucket. Add the remaining garlic salt while stirring the livers. You should save at least a fourth cup of garlic for later. Cover the bucket and place in the garage or the storage shed for ten days. After ten days, you are ready to go catfish fishing. Empty the rest of the garlic into the bucket and stir. Now you can head out with your tough chicken livers and catch some catfish. There are many other recipes, but this recipe seems to attract some nice sized catfish. You can also use other popular recipes, but I think this one will work the best. Keep in mind that you do need to keep this bucket covered at all times to keep that garlic smell inside.

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3 Responses to “I need a new catfish dip bait recipe. Do you know of any good recipes?”

  1. Joe says:

    This is a good bait. I caught a 6 pound channel with it. It is not a dip bait though.

  2. chandler says:

    what up

  3. chandler says:

    what no no no no on on on no ononoononononoononoononoononoononoononono is up ya

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