I need your best tip on catfishing.

I need your best tip on catfishing

The bait is the best technique that you should know besides the hook. If you want to catch catfish, you need to know what they eat. Smell is their number one sense to find food. The catfish cannot see, so they rely on their sense of smell, which is incredible, to find food. You need to offer bait that will attract their sense of smell. Placing the bait close to their location is important as well. You do not want to bait the fish that are so far away that they will not find the bait. Choose a location where the cats are know to lie in wait for food. Look for holes or around rock structures and bait those areas. The cats are going to be near the holes or rock structures. The bait can be dropped into the water right in front of the hole, leaving enough room for the fish to come completely out to get it. If you are fishing in an area where reaching the area is harder to do, you can cast into the zone and hold the bait there the best you can. From time to time, you should jig the bait a little for enticement. We know that catfish are predators and rely on other fish for food, so using stink bait or a fish head will work great. Live fish that you catch and do not want are also good for bait. You could even snag some bullheads and use them to bait the cats. Just try to keep the baitfish from the same water for luring catfish.

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  1. stoica says:

    try fishing with little frogs 😉 catfish just loves them , you can find a detailed guide about how to use frogs as bait on my blog

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