Ice Fishing Catfish: How Is It Done?

Most people agree that using a bobber when fishing for cat is not as effective as keeping a finger on your line, and especially when ice fishing, this method is the only way to go. Using a spinner with ten pound test line is a good choice. Using a rod that is a little more stout than those you normally would see on the ice is also a good idea. Just remember that catfish are going to be bigger, and they are going to fight a little harder than most of the fish you would pull from the ice, and you will need equipment and rigging strong enough to handle the weight and the pull of the catfish you will catch when ice fishing for catfish.

The moment you feel a tug on your line, pull the peg, and, using your thumb, slow down the pull of the line, so that it will not break so easily. You should keep the fish from pulling the line against the edge of your ice hole, because it will break against the sharp edges of the ice. The best way to do this is to put the end of your rod into the ice. Reel the fish in under the ice, and then, once you have reeled it in, lift the fish out of the ice. Catching catfish is only half the fun, eating them fried up southern style with hushpuppies is a delight!

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