Ice fishing catfish – how is it done? Common tips?

Be Safe – Remember, safety first. Never venture out on the ice until you know it is safe to do so. If the ice has not completely frozen it can be very dangerous. It is always best to go ice fishing in pairs or groups. Anything could happen while on the ice and having a partner can make a big difference. You should also let someone at home know exactly where you plan on being while fishing in the event something happened and you were not able to return home. This way a search team would know where to start looking.

Extra Items – There is a variety of extra items that you can take along on your trip that can make a big difference. For example, if you sprinkle sand around the area where you are fishing it will help you to maneuver around easier. Take a first aid kit for treating minor injuries. Snacks and drinks that are rich in energy can help you be more resistant to the cold. You should also carry a rope and waterproof matches. These items will help you to be prepared for anything.

Ice fishing for catfish is a totally new experience that is unlike any other type of fishing. If it is your first time going out on the ice it is recommended that you go with someone who has had experience in this type of environment. They will be able to teach you all the things that you need to watch out for so you can avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Once you have the experience you need to stay safe you may find that you enjoy ice fishing much more than anything you have ever done before. There are many benefits such as being able to catch some really large catfish and having more privacy. Since most people stay at home when it’s cold you won’t have to worry about the fish being disturbed by loud noises and people crowding around you. If you take fishing seriously, you should give ice fishing a try at least once to see how you like it.    Remember to check out the details about a little-known secret “weapon” some lucky catfish fishermen are using to double their catches of catfish.

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