If I use a lantern at night catfishing, will I catch less fish than if I would not use one?

If I use a lantern when catfishing at night, will I catch less fish? If I don’t use a lantern, will I catch more fish? Thank You

Actually, you should use some light at night and a lantern is better than a flashlight. The lantern gives off a soft less luminous light. The flashlight is bright and direct, which can shine brightly into the water and spooking the catfish. You will not catch less fish one way or another, but the best light is a lantern. There are so many variables as to whether or not you catch a fish and the light you use is just part of the equation. On a boat, the lantern can be a little more dangerous, but it is a soft like that will not spook the fish by liking up the boat, you or the water. If you are fighting the fish after hooking it, have someone use a flashlight to see what you are doing, but otherwise, use a lantern for the wait. Keep the light down low and sit quietly until the fish comes to you. If you use a lantern, you can see an overcast on the water, which in some cases will allow you to see some top water movement without spooking the fish as well. Keep the lantern lit and have a flashlight on hand for the fight. It is nice to be able to shine the flashlight in the area of the line so you can see what exactly is going on around it and you. Then it is back to the lantern. Good luck and I hope your fishing goes according to the way you want it.

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