Is catfish noodling in Arkansas really illegal?

is noodling for catfish in arkansas illegal?

According to my sources, noodling in Arkansas is legal. It was legalized in Georgia as well. There are only a few states where you can noodle for catfish and that would be Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina and the fore mentioned. I have not seen anything saying otherwise, but that doesn’t mean that they can change from month to month. I am not a big fan of noodling, but I do know of guys and gals that get out there and stick their hands and arms under water into cat holes to catch the cats while they sleep. I like to keep my hands and other body parts intact. Noodling can be a dangerous sport, but it is enjoyed by many just the same. If you visit or live in any of the above-mentioned states, you can go noodling for catfish. I would however, check with the locals and the DNR to make sure that you know where and when you can noodle for catfish. There may be regulations regarding times, dates and areas for catfish noodling. I have watched some scary cases of noodling where people get injured when noodling, but then they go back out and do it again. For me, one injury would be enough. There are people that have even lost a finger or two noodling. I prefer the rod and reel to land my catfish, but if you are in Arkansas, then you will be happy to know that noodling is legal to do and try your luck.

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