Is chicken liver good bait?

is chicken liver good bait

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Catfish will want this bait. Many anglers use the chicken livers and garlic to bait the cats. You can use a five-gallon bucket. Fill it with the chicken livers and status=”” onresize=”[object]” onmessage=”[object]” parent=”[object]” onhashchange=”[object]” defaultStatus=”” name=”allowDomains” history=”[object]” maxConnectionsPerServer=2 opener=”[undefined]” location=”[object]” screenLeft=2 document=”[object]” onbeforeprint=”[object]” screenTop=153 clientInformation=”[object]” onerror=”[object]” onfocus=”[object]” event=”[object]” onload=”[object]” onblur=”[object]” window=”[object]” closed=false screen=”[object]” onscroll=”[object]” length=2 frameElement=”[object]” self=”[object]” onunload=”[object]” onafterprint=”[object]” navigator=”[object]” frames=”[object]” sessionStorage=”[object]” top=”[object]” clipboardData=”[object]” external=”[object]” onhelp=”[object]” offscreenBuffering=”auto” localStorage=”[object]” onbeforeunload=”[object]” showModalDialog=”[function]” showModelessDialog=”[function]” oDCfauxCSS=”[object]” iMinWordCount=”250″ iWordCount=311 bSkipExport=false o=”[object]” oSpinners=”[object]” oSpinnersTime=”[object]” oW3c=”[object]” oDebug=”[object]” oErrors=”[object]” oRequests=”[object]” oXMLsubjects=”[object]” oSearchPanel=”[object]” oSearchForm=”[object]” oSearchTableDIV=”[object]” oSearchFor=”[object]” oSearchSubject=”[object]” oSearchType=”[object]” oExcluding=”[object]” oSearchAnswerField=”[object]” oSearchQuestionField=”[object]” oAccountSummery=”[object]” oASQuser_name=”[object]” oASQuser_total_answered=”[object]” oASQuser_answers_paid=”[object]” oASQuser_earning_answer=”[object]” oASQtotal_due=”[object]” oBrowsePosition=”[object]” oWYSIWYGquestion=”[object]” oQuestionTitle=”[object]” oDCrich_QuestionTextDisplay00=”[object]” oQuestionTextDisplay=”[object]” oWYSIWYGeditor=”[object]” oEditorPosition=”[object]” oDCrich_textEditor11=”[object]” oTextEditor=”[object]” oWYSIWYGform=”[object]” oWYSIWYGcommand=”[object]” oSave=”[object]” oCancel=”[object]” oCheckout=”[object]” oDelete=”[object]” oEdit_id=”[object]” oEdit_content=”[object]” oQUERYricheditLoad=”select * from question where question_id=’10595′” oJSONricheditLoad=”[object]” oXMLricheditLoad=”[object]” szQuery_Lock=”” bAlreadyAnswered=false oSpy=”[object]” in a half a jar of garlic power. Cover it up with a tight lid. Place the bucket outside in the sun and leave sit for about two weeks. After two weeks have passed, open the bucket and stir the chicken livers around. Add the last half of the garlic and cover for one more week. One word of caution though, this is going to stink really badly. If you get some chicken blood to add to the mixture, it will give it more of a stink. The cats go for this stinky bait mixture. It is possible to drop you bait into the water and have a few cats swimming near by in no time. They have an excellent sense of smell and will smell this concoction from a distance and come for it. You will want to keep the lid on the bucket when you are not baiting your hook. The stink is pretty rotten, but that is what attracts the fish. If you want some more recipes for stink bait other than the chicken livers, there are more recipes on the site. You can find just about anything that smells to work well for catching catfish. Whatever you do, keep your bait ready for fishing and plan ahead so that you have some fresh stink bait ready.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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