Is chicken liver good bait?

is chicken liver good bait

Chicken liver is good bait for catfishing. For years, anglers have been using chicken livers to bait the big fish. Some anglers have even used garlic powder mixed in a bucket of chicken livers to give it some more smell to attract the catfish. Of all the homemade baits that I have heard of, the use of chicken livers always comes up in conversation. You can usually get the livers at your local butcher free. Most are discarded because there is no call for the chicken livers except for fishing. A few tips for using chicken livers would be to use a panty hose pouch to keep the bait on the hook and make it into a recipe with garlic. You can also roll the chicken livers into a dough ball, but that is over kill I think. Just using a plain panty hose as a pouch will keep the liver on the hook and will not affect your bite at all. I heard of one angler that used chicken livers for chumming, but I recommend using it on a hook instead of wasting it. Some waters will not allow chumming, but they do allow you to use the bait on a hook. Just get yourself some fresh or days old chicken livers and see how many fish come biting. You will have a good day if you are in the right area for catfish fishing. After all, you have to find the fish and then present the bait to have a good day.

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