Is their any other good bait for catfish besides the Secret 7?

is their any otheir good bait besides secret 7

There are good baits around and I have many recipes for catfish fishing. If you prefer to make your own bait, you can try one of these recipes. Dough Ball with peanut Butter Enough flour to make as many dough balls as you need Water Sugar Peanut Butter Lemon Juice Make the flour dough balls by adding peanut butter to a bowl, a little sugar and a little lemon juice as well as the water, Mixture will be a little runny. Then add flour to make the dough mixture thick. The mixture should be thick so that it hardens and will stay on the hook. Divide the dough up and roll into little dough balls. Place in zip lock sandwich bags and place in the refrigerator to harden. When it is time to fish, take a pair of nylons and make little pouches to hold the dough balls on the hook. This works great and you do not lose the dough ball if it softens a little in the water. Cheese and Catfish Inners Five-gallon bucket with a lid Old cheese cut in small chunks Water Flour Catfish guts In the five-gallon bucket, place the chunks of old cheese and add hot water. Mash the cheese and make a paste. Then add the catfish guts to a blender and grind up into a pulp. Add this mix to the five-gallon bucket and place the lid on tight. Place the bucket in the sun for about five days and allow it to get hot and smelly. After five days, remove the lid and add enough flour to the mixture to until it turns into a doughy mixture. It should be stiff enough to divide into individual dough balls. Then use a pair of nylons to make holders for the dough balls when you drop them in the water.

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  1. willie says:

    I have tried to make your catfish doughbait the one where you use Chunky Dog Food but what do you mean by chunky dog food because I bought chunky dog food from the store, the beef and gravy kind and let it drain like you said and made it haven’t tried it yet but it doesn’t look nothing like the bait that you’re holding in your hand it looks dark yours look white I got the wrong kind of dog food I guess . What dog food exactly can you ecmail me a photo please . Something Thankyou very much.

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