Is there any recipes for flathead fishing or websites for finding catfish bait recipes?

is there any recipes for flathead fishing or any websites with fishing bait recipes that you can tell me.Thanks a lot

I have plenty of recipes for flathead bait. One new one that I tried and had success with was absolutely disgusting, which is good for catfishing. I like to call it my Cheesy Chicken Fever. Place four pounds of moldy old cheese in a five-gallon bucket. Add streaming hot water and use a potato masher to make mush of the cheese. This is going to make a pasty looking mixture. Add about three pounds of chicken livers and blood to the blender. Turn the chicken livers into mush. Mix the cheesy paste and chicken liver mixture together in the five-gallon bucket. Cover with the airtight lid and place outside in the sun for five days. Add flour to the mixture on the fifth day and mix until you have a doughy mixture that can be rolled into balls. This is going to smell real bad and you have to have a strong stomach to make this recipe, but it sure does work like a good stink bait should. I used panty hose to seal the dough ball and placed it on the hook that way so as not to lose the bait or have the water dissolve it and lose pieces. The cays were on a feeding frenzy. One word of caution: Never mix the bucket in the house and definitely keep the cats away during mixing. The ladies will not appreciate the smell and the cats will come a running to see where the smell is coming from and cry like nuts.

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  1. joe says:

    flatheads will not bite on stinkbait. they will only bite on live baits

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