Kentucky Catfish Fishing

Kentucky catfish fishing in the Central region can be productive if you start with top spots such as Taylorsville Lake or Herrington Lake. Both are excellent for numbers of channel catfish, and the latter also produces a fair amount of flatheads. Go to Taylorsville in the late spring, fishing around the timbered areas and the mouths of the feeder creeks as well as chasing areas of the shoreline where the river channel cuts loose. Also, work the dam, as with any other body of water, to find several of the scavengers. Don’t ignore smaller lakes, either. Kincaid and Beaver Lakes are both proven spots for channel Kentucky catfish fishing, where over 170,000 channel catfish are stocked every year during the summer.

Other lakes in general have been made into prime Kentucky catfish fishing locations due to large numbers of the fish being released from fisheries. Make a trip to Carter County to visit Greenbo Lake, Elmer Davis Lake in Owen County, or Cedar Creek Lake which is a new lake in Lincoln County that started off with a stock of 19,000 channel cats.

You can even find excellent Kentucky catfish fishing locations in the north and northwestern areas of the state. Check out the Licking River system, and find flatheads weighing in excess of 40 pounds at Grayson or Cave Run Lakes. If you prefer lake fishing, you can also pay a visit to Yatesville Reservoir, where there is a fairly even distribution of cats throughout both the upper and lower ends of the lake. Both flathead and channel cats call Buckhorn Lake home as well.

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