Lake Catfish Fishing

Temperature is also a major concern in lake catfish fishing. Catfish are not greatly fond of cold water and prefer to spawn in temperatures ranging between 75-80 degrees. Therefore, targeting lakes that don’t freeze solid in the winter can be a great way to assure success on a lake catfish fishing excursion. At the same time, don’t rule out the possibility of finding a large catch in a cold lake, since there are heavy populations of the larger catfish species in some of the Great Lakes and their tributaries. This particular type of fish is not in the least bit predictable in behavior!

Overall, lake catfish fishing will produce some product at almost any lake in the country. If you don’t find one of these three varieties, you may actually come across a bullhead catfish or a white catfish. Whatever you catch, though, you are sure to have a great time and some good eating when you’re through!

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