Make your own catfish trap

There are many different kinds of catfish traps you can build and the size and shape of catfish is great for catching in traps.

One of the easiest ones that you can make is the one that uses wire mesh. It is not expensive and you can build it quickly. You can even make a few catfish traps and increase the odds of catching more catfish. Just visit your local hardware store or big box store and pick up the materials to build one yourself.

You will need:
-Mesh wire that you can shape into a box. You want wire that has holes small enough so the catfish can’t escape. No more then 1 inch. Chicken wire will work if the holes and spaces are small. If not then try to get another type of mesh wire with smaller holes.

-Decide how big you want the trap. If the water is shallow you want a larger trap. The best way to do it is to cut 6 pieces of wire into equal sized squares and then make a box trap. Use some wire or strong twine to hold it together.

-Play with the ends of the wire to form a box and make sure you cut a small square on one of the pieces so you can get your catfish out. Tie the cut piece back in place with wire so it won’t move or let the catfish escape.

-Use wire cutters or side cutters to cut two slits in the wire and make a shape. Cut it a few inches up and wide for the catfish. Now push the wire inwards so that the cut opens inside the trap. This lets the catfish wiggle into the trap, but the cut pieces will be sharp and he won’t be able to get out.

-Put some bait inside the trap and put the trap inside the water. If your not sure on what bait to use consult with fishing store to see what bait works best for catfish. Then leave the trap for a few hours or overnight is best to catch the fish. Just make sure that no one else will steal the traps. When you pull them out of the water you can remove the small cut out square and pull out the catfish. Always make sure you are wearing gloves when working with the mesh.

Along with the traps you can also make your own catfish bait. Chum is good to attract fish to the hole you are fishing. You can make a little or a lot depending on how much you need. You can store the bait in milk jugs or other big containers. Using the juice from chicken livers and putting in some livers along with animal blood, garlic, beer and water is a good mixture. Let it sit for a few days and then pour it in the lake. Another recipe calls for using grain like wheat with feed corn and chicken scratch. Then mix it with a lot of water, add beer and let it ferment.

Store is downwind and far from your house because it will stink! You should open up the container from time to time so pressure doesn; tbuild up. Keep it a week or two and then pour it into the fishing whole. Make sure you check the local fishing regulations for using chum bait. You can also make dip bait and Chicken Liver Tip using old panty hose with liver wrapped in it. Just put it on a treble hook and fish away.

You can also make a catfish slat trap. These traps are in the shape of a rectangle with one side containing a cone shaped entry hole. The fish enters the trap but can’t get back out.

There are a number of ways to build a slat trap but here is one that works well:

-Create your baffle. Attach it with nails or glue your 24 inch slats to the inside of one of the 12 by 16 inch rectangular frames. Stagger the slats around the frame at even intervals. Put the eight by 12 inch rectangular frame on the opposite side of the slats and leave a hole large enough for the fish to pass through.

-Take the four rectangular frames with the one now attached and put them halfway apart along the length of the 60 inch slats. Then attach the 28 60inch slats around the frames evenly. Make sure the baffle is the first frame and is pointing into the trap.

-Now take the remaining frame attaching the eight 12inch slats in a grid pattern across the frame. Attach the frame to the trap with a hinge. This allows you to get to the catch when you haul up your trap. One tip that is recommended is to space out your slats before you begin to glue and nail them in place.

Your trap is ready to catch catfish!

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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