Missouri Catfish Fishing

Missouri catfish fishing for flatheads can be extremely successful if you concentrate on the Missouri River and its tributaries, especially in the portions of the main river that are upstream from Kansas City. This area is full of great habitats for the flathead catfish along the banks, and many of the state’s largest catches have been found here. You can also find great Missouri catfish fishing for flatheads in many of the small and medium streams in the state. Target areas like the Meramec, Platte and Lamine Rivers the last of which is excellent for night fishing with night crawlers. Not surprisingly, trophy sized flatheads are also available in the MDC impounds, like Longview Lake, Che-Ru Lake, and Montrose Lake.

Missouri catfish fishing is highly productive, especially in the area rivers, and you are not greatly limited as to the type of catfish for which you aim to catch. You’ll find a decent number of catfish in almost any body of water that isn’t frozen and doesn’t run cold all year round. In fact, you don’t even have to plan ahead; just walk over to the nearest lake or river!

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