Neon Green Glow In The Dark Line?

im thinking or rigging my pole with neon green glow in the dark line. how visible is the line in 20 to 50 ft of water.any suggestion on line of the 30 lb range

The best time to use neon line is at night when visibility is limited, and seeing when you get a strike is imperative to catching fish. Now, the use of neon or even the new, much touted red fishing line, is hotly debated, but I can probably explain it all so that it makes sense to you. Basically, the color of the line is not going to matter too much in any low light conditions, so if you are fishing in any but the brightest daytime light, color under water is going to wash out. Whether it is red, neon, or plain, old monofilament line, under water, you are going to see it. No matter if it appears black or gray underwater, the fish can see it, and that is what spooks fish. Now, a solution to that which will allow you to have the benefits of the visibility of a neon line, so you can see the strikes most clearly in any conditions, is to tie on about a four foot long fluorocarbon leader. Using this type leader is recommended any time you use neon or colored line, even in water with low visibility. Fluorocarbon and water share almost exactly the same refraction rate under water. This refraction rate is what distorts light as it passes through an object and makes it visible. Sharing the same refraction rate allows the light to pass through the water and the line in almost an identical way, making it as close to invisible as possible. If the fish can not see it, there is no chance they will spook, making them much more likely to take your bait. Any reputable brand of neon or colored line should work if you want to try it. Just don’t forget the fluorocarbon leader!

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